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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Oxygen Absorber Sachets in Naturaceutical Industry

Oxygen Absorbers and their Benefits

Oxygen Absorbers are basically sachets containing iron powder, which reacts with the absorbed oxygen to turn into ferrous oxide. This continues till all the oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere is absorbed and the oxygen absorber sachet becomes saturated. After, it cannot take in more oxygen. When placed in surroundings filled with oxygen, the oxygen absorber sachets will automatically begin the intake of oxygen, thus leaving behind a nitrogen-rich atmosphere. This presence of nitrogen works out better for the packed food and beverages, as they will not get spoilt and have an increased shelf life. 

Oxygen absorbers are always preferred over various other desiccants like Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves because they work at a faster pace to remove all traces of oxygen from the packed spaces. This is most important for the packed food products as the presence of oxygen will not only turn them stale, but also facilitate the growth of spoilage organisms like algae, fungi etc. 

Oxygen Absorbers in Industrial Packaging
One of the main uses of oxygen absorber sachets is in the industrial packaging process. These absorbers are
used to remove oxygen from industrial packaging services like food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, diagnostics kits packaging and naturaceutical packaging. 

Oxygen Absorbers in Naturaceutical Industry

Food preservation is very important as packaged food is affected by various factors. One of these is the presence of oxygen. Studies have revealed that food preservation against oxidation becomes crucial to increase the shelf life of the product and improve food security. Customers, nowadays, are very particular about the quality of the food items purchased and in this scenario, food degradation must be avoided at all costs. 

This is where the role of oxygen absorbers becomes important in the naturaceutical industry. Oxygen absorbers successfully remove oxygen, even while preserving the colour, texture and aroma of different food products. Most crucially, oxygen absorber sachets, with their ferrous oxide, protect against the growth of microbes. 

Oxygen absorber sachets have evolved over time. Earlier they were available as simple sachets with iron powder and now they been transformed into simple self-adhesive patches, suited for any size and usage. The ferrous oxide used to absorb oxygen is considered the most reliable and best to maintain optimum oxygen levels in food and beverages packaging. 

Companies making use of oxygen absorbers have reported oxygen levels being lowered to 100 ppm with the successful use of these adsorbents. This is ample proof why oxygen absorber sachets are widely recommended for the naturaceutical industry. 

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