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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why Meat Packaging Need Oxygen Absorbers?

The main aim in any meat packaging is to preserve it from any changes for as long as possible. There must be no change in its visual appearance either. Importantly, the flavour, texture and its odour must be maintained to make it look as fresh as possible, as though just cut.

Meat Packaging Need Oxygen Absorbers

It is obvious that any kind of deviation from the right packaging will result in huge economic losses. A suitable drying agent or a desiccant is essential during the packing stage. There can be no compromise here. Meat products are known to get easily contaminated when exposed to the atmosphere or oxygen, after a few days, sometimes hours. want to buy LDPE bags for meat packaging then check here. 

Meat Packaging

It is critical to ensure or increase the shelf life of meat products when they are to be packed and transported or shipped over long durations of time. There can also be some enzymatic activity that can extend the life of these products, by increasing their tenderness and reducing their weight loss. It is crucial that the cherry red colour of meats is maintained over time.

It is equally important to retain the original aroma and texture of the packaged products and permit some enzymatic activity in the packet to increase its tenderness and avoid any weight loss. It must also be ensured that the stored meats appear cherry red in colour till they are consumed.

The key is to keep the presence of oxygen out of the packaged meats at allcosts. A suitable oxygen absorber or scavenger must be utilized for this purpose. In addition to this, there are some plastic resins that are also permitted in the packing of meat products. Most of the meat packaging films have multiple layers that hold the desired drying or oxygen absorbing agent or desiccant. Also Read: How LDPE Bags Are Superior than Common Bags?
Meat Packaging
Meat Packaging

It is extremely important and necessary to choose the right type of packaging system when it comes to meat storage. There can be no compromise in this department. It is required that the desiccant or drying agent used maintains the exact amount of moisture that is required to keep the meats retain their original fresh colour.

In some cases, foam tray packages are also a favoured choice as they readily preserve the red appearance of the meats over long periods of time by increasing their shelf life considerably. Efficient meat packaging systems must activate the oxygen absorbers as soon as possible on packing.

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