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Monday, 20 June 2016

Oxygen Absorbers : A Food Safety Material

With the increasing demand, the food industries are growing on a rapid scale. Irrespective of their kind of storage and preservation techniques, all foods possess a limited period of shelf life. Hence, it is essential to have a perfect plan for rotating your food stash in order to keep your desired food product fresh for long. It is necessary to maintain oxygen level & the nutritional value and flavor of foods without letting the foods get spoiled.

Long-Term Storage Of Foods:

Oxygen Absorbers
To preserve your food for a long time, it us recommended to use Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage. Most of the time, food gets spoiled due to the growth of micro-organisms. Most micro-organisms require two things in order to grow and reproduce, that is, water and oxygen. When foods are canned, they get preserved by way of killing all the micro-organisms that built up in the storage container by following the process of sterilization, thereby, keeping the container fully impervious, so that no additional micro-organisms can make access to the container. The nutritional value of the food is added in the content part and brand is printed onto the packaged product. The task of packaging is integrated at the time of the process of production where the food can be formed, filled and packed in an efficient way. The opened products which are packed in plastic keeps you free from hassles in comparison with the metal and glass containers which are pesky to use. Most of the food packages are recyclable. Furthermore, the food packages are quite cheap and light in weight compared with their other packaging counterparts such as metal, glass and wood.

Best Ever Material For Sorting Of Food:

Laminated Pouches:

The packets absorb oxygen; hence, it is the best way to remove oxygen. It is moisture-proof, durable and apt for confectionery packaging. Owing to the aforementioned qualities, it enhances the shelf life, image of the brand and marketability of the confectionery products. The freshness and taste of the confectionery items solely depend on the manner of a well-developed confectionery packaging.

Food Packaging Things To Consider:

A) Physical Protection:

The food which is enclosed in the package may require to protect from other things such as vibration, shock, compression, temperature, bacteria and so on.

B) Barrier Protection:

It is often necessary to have a barrier from water vapour, oxygen, dust and so on. In design, permeation is a crucial factor. Some packages contain desiccants or oxygen absorbers in order to help the extend the shelf life of the product. In some packaged materials, modified or controlled atmosphere is maintained to enhance the food product. The main motto is to keep the contents clean, fresh and safe for the specified shelf life mentioned in the product.