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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Protect Your Grains From Fungus With Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorbers Best for Food Storage

Grains With Fungus

While storing food products for a long period of time, one has to be mindful of two factors- moisture and oxygen. Both these elements have an immediate and drastic effect on the food items stored either in containers or godowns. Oxygen Absorbers are, generally, small sachets containing iron oxide. This is the most important factor as far as oxygen absorption is concerned. The iron oxide present in the oxygen absorber will react with the oxygen to form rust. Rushing will lead to the creation of an iron oxide compound. As the oxygen is getting absorbed, the iron oxide is being created as well. This process will continue till all the oxygen present in the storage atmosphere will get converted into ferrous oxide. When no more oxygen can be absorbed, the oxygen absorber becomes saturated. Thus, it can no longer be used to take in oxygen.  also, Read:ldpe bags for pharma packaging.

An oxygen absorber is best suited while storing a wide range of food items like bakery items, sweets, confectioneries, dairy products, and grains. The main benefit of opting for oxygen absorber sachets is that it offers excellent protection against the growth of mold, aerobic pathogens and fungi. Oxygen absorbers also prevent the early oxidation of the oleoresins, which are present in almost all spices. Another advantage of making use of oxygen absorber is that it keeps different vitamins like AC and E fresh and help them have a long shelf life. 

Just like all other food items, grains are also subjected to oxygen and its various negative effects. Oxygen is needed for the growth of spoilage organisms and different kinds of molds and fungi. If the growth of these organisms is facilitated, then it will destroy the grains and render them useless when they are unpacked. So food grain companies place oxygen absorber sachets alongside grains so that oxidative degradation does not happen due to the presence of excess oxygen levels.Read-Packaging Designs for Better Preservation of Spices.!
The second biggest advantage of opting for oxygen absorbers in the storage of grains is the prevention of the growth of insects. Insect larvae require oxygen for their growth and survival. If the grains are kept in an oxygen-rich environment, it means good news for insects like beetles, weevils, and moths. These insects will not survive in a nitrogen filled atmosphere so it makes sense to place oxygen absorber sachets along with the food products.

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