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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

5 Reasons to use Oxygen Absorbers in Food Storage

What are Oxygen Absorbers?
O-busters from Sorbead India
   In the food industry, many food items are transported from one destination to another. In such cases, the food products are packed in containers/closed spaces for days together. When this happens, there are chances that the food items packed may get spoilt or become stale by the time they reach their final point. This is where the role of oxygen absorbers becomes important. 

Oxygen Absorbers are small sachets, which are placed alongside the food products when they are being packed. The oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen present in the packed space, thus leaving behind a nitrogen-filled atmosphere. The presence of nitrogen helps increasing the shelf life of the packed food products. Without oxygen, fungus and other micro-organisms cannot grow in the food packets so they do not get spoiled for a long period of time. Oxygen absorbers bring down the oxygen levels to around .01% or even lesser. Also Check our Latest blog article here:-Oxygen Absorbers | Food Storage

Functioning of Oxygen Absorbers
    The oxygen absorbers function by means of a chemical reaction involving iron powder present in the sachet. When the oxygen absorber starts taking in the oxygen, it will react with this iron powder. As a result of this reaction, the iron powder converts into rust. Once all the iron powder changes into rust, the absorbing process stops as the oxygen absorber is now fully loaded. Next, the oxygen is removed from the absorber. If one needs to use the oxygen absorber a second time, then place it back in the open for the reaction to resume again. 
Five Benefits of Using Oxygen Absorbers
  The advantages of using oxygen absorber sachets in food packets are many. Listed below are five of the important ones:
  1.    The use of oxygen absorbers prolongs the shelf life of the packed food products for longer periods of time.
  2.   Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from the packages and thus protect food items from fungus and other spoiling organisms like moulds.
  3.  Placing oxygen absorbers will prevent bad smells from spreading in the packages containing food products.
  4.    Oxygen absorbers completely rule out the need for using various kinds of additives like BHA, BHT, sulphur dioxide, sorbet’s and benzoates.
  5.  Oxygen absorbers keep the food products fresh and unspoilt till they reach their destination point. 

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